Spotlight is a matchmaker platform for
local businesses to easily collaborate with local influencers.

what is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is like word of mouth marketing at a larger scale.

Why Should You Use Spotlight?

It saves you time and frustration, and it gurantees results. See the comparison below.

With Spotlight

Fill in campaign scope to let us know your campaign objective.

Let us know your token distribution plan.

Select your favourite campaign proposals.

Receive analytics and receive links of the campaign contents.

Pretty simply, right?


And Start Doing
Influencer Marketing
The Right Way

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Without Spotlight

Know your objective and do a general search on influencers who has similar target audience as your business to get an idea.

Compile influencer master list from your market research.

Double check to make sure the influencers meets all criteria (location, social media impacts, other analytics...etc), delete anyone if needed.

Research for more influencers following the primary research to add any contacts that you may have missed.

Select potential candidates that you want to collaborate with.

Create an attractive campaign brief.

Send introduction e-mail to influencers.

Follow-up with influencers who has not replied.

Pitch campaign to influencers with great enthusiasm.

Follow-up with influencers who did not reply.

Negotiate campaign in further details with the influencers. Many e-mails will be exchanged here to discuss pricing, availbilities and more.

Compare campaign deals made with influencer(s), and select your final candidate(s).

Reject and maintain friendly relationship with the unchosen candidates.

Initiate campaign with the chosen influencer(s).

Monitor your campaign status everyday on multiple platforms.

Get influencers to share the analytics received from each platform.

Make payment to influencer(s).

With Spotlight

Register as either a micro, macro or professional influencer along with your social media platform information.

Check and apply opportunities from clients from various industries that fits your criteria.

Create proposal bids to clients that you'd like to work with.

Execute proposal after being selected.

Share analytics and campaign links after 30 days of publishing time.

Receive payment from client(s).



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Without Spotlight

Maintain a steady growth on all social media channels with a high number of followers.

Research on clients that you want to work with.

Create a excel contact lists of clients.

Assess clients' marketing needs.

Create similar campaigns to have a good foundation for pitching.

Write interesting pitches tailored to each client.

Pitch proposals to clients by e-mail and phone.

Follow-up with clients who have not replied.

Wait for response from clients.

Propose your campaign plan and pricing.

Exchange multiple e-mails to settle campaign details.

Execute revised proposal.

Share analytics and campaign links with clients.

Receive payment from client.

Pretty simply, right?


And Start Doing
Influencer Marketing
The Right Way

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